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2020-12-12 Sat 23:45

Talk with the Characters!

To all curious non-players who add us as fans, you are now allowed to ask our characters questions!

All you have to do is put an "@character" in your plurk and ask your question. Please do not reply to the characters' plurks as they are strictly in-game only. Please use only English as we are an English group. Do not private plurk. Also, do not bash or fight with the characters; if there is any trace of bad attitude, the Vendice may be alerted and he will order you to be blocked forever.

There may be pairings involved in the game, which are according to the roleplayers' own right to choose who they want to be paired with, so please respect them and not talk about other pairings. (e.g. Asking Mukuro about 1869 situation when he is currently in 10069 condition. You may ask their love-related situation just to make sure though.)

Please also note that if the roleplayer is uncomfortable with answering you, they may choose not to reply, and for this we apologize for the inconvenience. We are working very hard for you, so we only hope that everyone will be happy with us.

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