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2020-02-03 Mon 07:07
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Master List

  1. 2011/12/10: Mukuro♋ is stretched out in the snow (dressed warmly), admiring the snowfall.
  2. 2011/12/10: Vindice is standing guard.
  3. 2011/12/31: Vindice has more guards around Vendicare for New Year's Eve.
  4. 2012/01/05: Vindice is recruiting new guards.
  5. 2012/01/07: Vindice is waiting for Geraldi. (follow-up Vindice of 2011/01/05)
  6. 2012/01/31: Vindice feels lazy.
  7. 2012/02/12: Hibari hates Valentine's day. Too many couples crowding around...
  8. 2012/02/16: Hibari can't find Kusakabe...he growls and walks around.
  9. 2012/02/29: Squalo hates it when people leave trash in the hall.
  10. 2012/03/04: Hibari is feeding Hibunny lettuce.
  11. 2012/03/09: Squalo feels better after eating those cough drops.
  12. 2012/03/09: Hibari was busy biting people to death.
  13. 2012/03/14: Byakuran is making a fire. He has some scary stories to tell.
  14. 2012/03/22: Byakuran wonders if he should test these marshmallows Viper gave him...but who should he try it on?
  15. 2012/03/22: Vindice is frolicking in a field of flowers.
  16. 2012/03/24: Squalo has a headache...
  17. 2012/03/28: Squalo is not shedding.
  18. 2012/03/30: Daemon is about to kill incompetent engineers.
  19. 2012/04/06: Squalo wants a pool in the backyard.
  20. 2012/04/08: Hibari puts Hibunny and Hibird next to colorful eggs. Happy Easter....
  21. 2012/04/19: Byakuran is picking flowers again.
  22. 2012/04/26: Byakuran is playing with a claw machine.
  23. 2012/04/26: Hibari wonders why his hair is so messy these days.
  24. 2012/06/20: Kikyo is tuning his violin.
  25. 2012/07/30: Byakuran stumbles around the park. This is really not his day.
  26. 2012/08/23: Mukuro managed to sleep peacefully last night. He wakes up not knowing where he is.
  27. 2012/10/09: Irie lost his glasses.
  28. 2012/10/12: Irie is reading Hamlet.
  29. 2012/10/31: Mukuro is going out trick-or-treatin'. o3o
  30. 2012/12/06: Mukuro tries not to think about the absence of his friends. They were bound to show up when he least expects it, disturbing the quiet that he'd grown so fond of.
  31. 2012/12/20: Asari stares intently at the strange device in his hand.
  32. 2012/12/20: Basil isn't feeling very well. Those end of the world couldn't be true though, could they?
  33. 2012/12/22: Byakuran holds a present behind his back as he looks for Irie ~
  34. 2012/12/22: Byakuran sneaks around, looking for Mukuro . He has a special present for him ^^
  35. 2012/12/25: Irie walks into Byakuran's office and places a small neatly wrapped box on the desk.
  36. 2013/01/03: Asari draws on Dino's face with permanent marker in his sleep.
  37. 2013/01/13: Basil is lying on a grassy field, feeling very lazy today. Then again, he usually is...
  38. 2013/01/25: Daemon thinks it's been too long, Byakuran. Let's get drinks and catch up?
  39. 2013/01/25: Chikusa meanders around aimlessly.
  40. 2013/01/28: Giotto found cake thinking whether he should eat it or not. Since it was just sitting there.
  41. 2013/01/29: Basil slips on some ice, spraining his ankle.
  42. 2013/01/29: Chikusa is stuck in the rain without an umbrella.
  43. 2013/01/29: Spanner is shipping a candy making robot to Byakuran
  44. 2013/01/27: Spanner wonders if he should build something new...
  45. 2013/02/14: Mukuro apparently has four secret admirers.
  46. 2013/02/24: Byakuran stops by a flower shop. How lovely.... He must buy them. All.
  47. 2013/02/24: Byakuran will elope with his illusionist and take him away~
  48. 2013/02/26: Belphegor killed a disgusting stalker. That's what they get for following the prince around like peasants.ugh.
  49. 2013/03/06: Dino takes a stroll down some shops.
  50. 2013/03/06: Squalo sneezes. Fuck allergies.
  51. 2013/03/06: Belphegor likes stuff.
  52. 2013/03/10: Mukuro prowls around Namimori High.
  53. 2013/03/10: Dino feels great after that wonderful dream he had.
  54. 2013/03/12: Squalo is pleased with the giant fish he caught! This will make a good dinner.
  55. 2013/03/14: Dino sits under the shade. Wow it's hot today.
  56. 2013/03/28: Dino didn't trip down the stairs today!
  57. 2013/03/30: Byakuran hides Easter eggs around the park. There's chocolate bunnies in there!
  58. 2013/03/30: Asari Walks downtown with Skull wearing his cowboy outfit
  59. 2013/04/01: Basil is glad he is far away from Master today so he won't get pranked by him again. ^_^
  60. 2013/04/05: Byakuran loves spring and the lovely flowers that bloom around this season!

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