Frequently Asked Questions
2020-11-30 Mon 09:09
What do I do if I want to interact with other muns OOC?
You can private plurk if it's just to specific muns. If it's within a roleplay or for general interaction, you may use such brackets [OOC] so the others will know, or otherwise, your choice as long as it's obvious enough.

I need to go on a hiatus, what do I do?
To avoid Bermuda's wrath for disappearing suddenly, just make an OOC plurk and he will pick it up.

Karma drops fast if you don't plurk at least once a day, so if you're going to be away for more than 3 days, you are recommended to use the Vacation Mode function under My Account.

Is Karma really important?
It is if you are competitive, otherwise a karma of over 20.00 is sufficient. If you are not interested in it, you can freeze it after 20.00 or more by using the Vacation Mode so that it won't go down again. You can still plurk while in Vacation Mode, but your karma will be frozen, that's all.

I want to drop my character due to [insert reason here].
You may private plurk Bermuda regarding this. Please note that once he is informed, character deletion will take immediate effect, and in order to return, you must re-apply for the character as long as it is still available. Of course, you may reuse your account again if so happens.

When a character is dropped, Bermuda will remove you as a friend so that he has the most updated list for cases where the list we have here cannot be updated yet. The character application will also be removed.

Can I switch characters?
Yes, just plurk that you like to switch characters and apply for the new character while you are at it.

What about swearing?
Swearing or use of vulgar terms is only allowed within Plurk responses and must not be used excessively i.e. you should not say f**k in every response you make, but only at the right moments. We have kids here. Characters are allowed to smack you IC though.

How do I know if I'm in trouble?
While we have some characters acting as Mods OOC, they should inform the Vindice about it. The moment Bermuda steps in and tells you off, that is when you are in trouble. He does not play jokes, just so you know.

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