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Rules and Regulation

Aside from the regular roleplay rules (no godmoding, no killing off characters...), we believe in a happy community, so please do get along with each other. The Vendice will be watching you.

Your account must be in English, else it would change your qualifiers (see below for explanation) into another language which not everyone may understand. Qualifiers are important to us for proper Plurk RP.

Please also make sure that you have all other characters within the roleplay added as Friends. While you may wish to make your account private, all posts should be public to all characters with a rating limit of PG-13. Adult materials should be locked within private plurk to designated character(s) only.

And oh, you might want to update at least once a day to avoid karma drop -- unless you don't quite care about it.

What is Plurk?

Plurk is a free social networking and micro-blogging service that allows users to send updates (otherwise known as "plurks") through short messages or links, which can be up to 140 text characters in length. Users can post new messages with optional 'qualifiers', which are one-word verbs used to represent a thought (e.g. "feels", "thinks", "loves", etc.). There are also advanced features such as sending updates only to a subset of your friends, and sharing images, videos, and other media. Plurks can also be "liked", as in other social sites. Plurk also supports group conversations between friends and allows usage of emoticons together with the usual text micro-blogging. - Wikipedia

So...Why Plurk?

Plurk is best at its features for community-building, whereas Twitter succeeds more with its interface that bolsters information-sharing. Plurk is a good site for nonsensical ramblings primarily because it's harder to keep tabs on people, and users admittedly flock to Plurk because there’s "less thinking" involved. - Tamar Weinberg

In short, its unique function for conversations between friends is considered to be appropriate for roleplaying, rather than getting lost in the timeline looking for the reply you missed. Here, you make a story with a big number of people, and remember it for life.

I've Never Used Plurk!

Don't worry, a good 99% of you probably don't know how to use it, but trust Bermuda. Just do some exploring and you will get it, otherwise, you may ask him for help. He won't bite as long as you ask nicely!

Or, you can take a look at this example.
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