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2012-05-31 Thu 03:51

This page is for members who have been accepted in the roleplay. Feel free to comment on this page to introduce yourself!

Make sure you add who you roleplay in this group! If you want, add your birthday...people might make you something if they remember or have time ;D

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Hello everyone I'm Lily (AKA Squalo!) I live somewhere in the USA ^__^ ;;
My birthday is the 26th of December
I enjoy drawing, photoshopping, reading, baking, and hanging out with friends. Hmm interesting facts... I'm not a rebel. I rather listen to my parents than get a beating/lecture.
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Hello~ My name is Marina and I roleplay as Belphegor, that little cutie, hehe. I honestly have no idea what I'm supposed to write about but since I have time, I thought 'what the heck, why the heck not?' and Tada! Fail introduction. Uhm, I recently turned 18 this month. Blurp Blurp Blurp. Wow, silent crowd. So far, roleplaying with everyone is really fun!

My birthday is on May 19. I'm pretty much artistic and lazy. If I had a choice I would rather cancel plans then hang out with people.
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I decided it's safe to use my real name. Hi, I'm Ela! Or Miyanoai everywhere else...(Detective Conan reference). And I play Basil! Why? Because I love guy, wanna hug him everytime I see him, and I feel he needs to be in the series more.
My other favorite characters include Tsuna, Mukuro, Fran, Colonnello, Lal, and Natsu! But really I love all the characters in their own way.

Ano...what else? I'm 18 and gonna be 19 on June 14 (5 days after Mukuro! Yeah Geminis! XD)
I love reading fanfiction and just reading in general. My other favorite anime/manga include Detective Conan, Junjou Romantica (recent), Guilty Crown, Fairy Tail, Romeo X Juliet and some other on and off fandoms.
Ooo! I'm also a huge Sherlock Holmes fan! I love Conan Dolyle's works. XD I'm just big on mystery in general.

Well, basically it unless anyone has any questions, I'm willing to answer. I look forward to getting to know you all!
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No title
Hey I'm Cabina aka Mammon. I live in Canada.
My birthday is on January 21st.
I'm in middle school...and um I like to draw, write and read.
This is actually my first roleplay of anything. I have to say this has been a lot of fun so far!
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Well to start off, my name is Kaylee. I rp as Verde. I have been rp'ing for 6 years but have never once used Plurk, so I'm new to using this website. Um, I don't know what really to say...
I'm a Junior in high school. I'm a novelist and have written 5 books (hoping to get one series published) and also love Chemistry. I actually do cosplay as Verde in RL, if you'd like to check me out on DA.
What else...
I turn 17 next month (June 28th), so yay for that. xP I'm pretty friendly so I'm open to any conversations. And if I'm rude in rp I'm sorry, I tend to rp a lot with my boyfriend who rp's as Mayuri Kurotsuchi (An even worse Scientist than Verde) so I tend to pick up a lot off of him...
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So uh hi, I'm Sasha and I play Chrome. I live in the US. Um, my birthday was 2 days ago on May 29th. So I'm 17 now!!! Whoooo!!!
Uh, I'm a figure skater and uh, yeah.....
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Hi I'm Kuiri! Roleplaying as Lambo :D Although I'm roleplaying the youngest character so far in this Roleplay... I am 22 this year D: Don't make fun of my age okay! I'm a nurse so... I'll be online at pretty odd hours depending on my shift (starting August, I'm on my holidays now :D ) My birthday... 28 July :)

I like... reading fanfictions. More so than watching anime/reading manga (I like it too!) lol. Currently I'm obsessed over BBC's Merlin, Natsume Yuujinchou, Saint Seiya Omega, and last but not least PHOENIX WRIGHT!!! Currently reading a Japanese novel thingy in which you are like, the main character (something like a visual novel in the form of a book) - called Brothers Conflict. Hoo hoo hot guys whee :D I cosplay too... But not very often :D Only 3 so far- Anise Tatlin from Tales of the Abyss, grownup!I-Pin from KHR (it was major fail btw, don't mention it anymore...) and Cheria Barnes from Tales of Graces. Up and coming - Sodia from Tales of Vesperia and Elise from Tales of Xillia :P (Yes, yes, Tales series :DDD )

Okay... This is longer than expected ha ha. I've been having fun so far disturbing everyone as Lambo (and getting spoiled :D ) Let's all make this Roleplay last :DD At least until Yuu comes back hehe!
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No title
I'm the Great N. /waits for applause
No I'm serious, just call me N xD
I roleplay Byakuran and my birthday is 30th of December. I live somewhere over the rainbow. USA

Hm...things I like.... I enjoy sleeping, eating.....I really like ice cream and cake and chocolate. Haha thank god I don't gain weight or I'd explode... ^^ Oh and going to the beach and traveling around the world. Oh and I like magic tricks though....I only know a few card tricks..... </3

That's pretty much it. Bug me whenever you want...I get lonely easily T_T

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Guten tag!
Yo, ya'll. I'm Aki (Daemon)! Nice to meet you. Oh man, we've got other guys in here?! YES. I'm so used to KHR roleplay being absolutely dominated by girls. Just take Tumblr, for instance. Um, right, so...

Birthday's March 31st, eighteen years old, taken, um...what else. I'm a pansy. Yeah. Making clothes (Lolita in general), designing, writing, drawing, etc. are a passion. I love horror and to torture myself with it when I'm a total wimp who gets easily scared. Umm. Vegetarian. I love cooking--please share good recipes 8D Currently living with parents for another month but my attendance may be patchy because I'm in the middle of finding a place to get out to. Umm...

Oh. Yes. I Tumbl. Anybody here do KHR on Tumblr? If you do, I'm mister-mistification and sanguinoso-scorpione. I also FF a lot. Takigawa Aki. Hmm...

I'm either papa or onii to, like...everyone. So. You're welcome to do the same. LOL

Been roleplaying for...nine years now. Yes. Really. I'm not actually a huge anime fan, and I sort of passively enjoy manga. KHR is my main fandom; I dabble in others but not much. Um, I game some, not much; the main RPG games, like Kingdom Hearts and Devil May Cry. I like horror games, but can't play them alone. (Amnesia gave me nightmares for months--and I only watched an LP of that). I love to read.

Oh. If you like Anne Rice, please say hi. Please. Just. Please. So few fans.
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Hi! ouo
Hi, I'm Tsuna-mun or you can call me Kuro if you want ouo
My real name... it's Bella. Feel free if you want to call me with that.
I live in a tropical country that passed by equator line xD
My birthday is right one month after Basil's x''D

I'm still a high-schooler ouo
My activity beside school is internet, now is obsessed with Nico-nico douga! Especially Utattemita!

For pairing, I like yaoi xD and my OTP is G27, though I like All27 too!

Nice to meet you all~ ouo
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Well, hello, there!

I'm Lacey (but you can call me Taw because I saw there was another Lacey here already). I'm roleplaying Chikusa.

I live in the U S of A in Arizona, where I spend my days in the sweltering heat of the desert. I've been roleplaying pretty much since I've been able to type, first on Neopets, then on Twitter, and finally Tumblr. If you have any Tumblr accounts, you should let me know! I have a handful of them, and I'm sure we could work something out.v-254

Uh, let's see--I was a band geek for three years, but because of my migraines I had to quit. I'm in a women's chorus right now, and I sing first soprano. v-266

I write fanfiction from time to time and dabble in art. I took photography for about three years, but had to drop it. I do some gaming when I have the time--mostly RPGs. v-56

And uh. My birthday is February 10th. I'm an Aquarius~. v-181

Yeah, that's pretty much it. I'm a little shy, but once we're friends, I cling like a koala. Don't hesitate to ask me about anything, I promise I won't bite!v-218

I can't wait to get to know all ya'll! v-238
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H-hello! I role play as Asarai, Vongola Primo Rain Guardian! I can't tell you my real name, for safety reasons, but please feel free to call me Ku. ^_^ I have no problem role playing anything, as long as it's not one sided!~ I'm born June 8th, and love KHR!~ My favorite characters are: Tsuna, Mukuro, Byakuran Hibari, Yamamoto and Asarai. I'm very shy and prefer to read and draw rather than hang out with friends. I hope we can get along! :D ^_^
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Hello, my name is Sunny or call me Roy or Dev, doesn't really matter. Some call me Saki...?
I live in Canada where it snows for 9 months and hails the rest..just kidding!! Summer was brutal this year.
haha, I don't really know what to say other than that I'm a real work-a-holic, and that I get stomach aches when I'm stressed and worried.
My birthday is Jan 12 and I am 16, have my G1 but parents won't teach me (both are back seat drivers)
um...My fav anime/mangas would be in no order, KHR, Naruto, Bleach, One Piece, Nurahiyon no mago (even my mom reads that one >w<), black butler, pandora hearts, Oresama Teacher and alot of others. I have no life lol, Manga, books, School, work.
I get less than 5 hrs of sleep avg I think...
I may be up at random times cause of school work, and such, so don't freak if I suddenly post at 3am...

I have a DA,
(enter at own risk)
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Hi I'm Dino-mun, or Stacy. Oh Dino, I want his tattoos. I used to be here long long time ago now I'm back. /scrolls up/
My birthday is...somewhere in spring.
My favorite pairing? I like D18, DS, XS, B26, 10051, 10069, 8027, 8018.... I'm not sure if I listed it all. But yea let's go with that right now.
/scrolls up again/
Oh special talent? I can cross my eyes and do a cart wheel.

Yea that's it I guess. Learn more about me when we roleplay. Bye! ^^
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I'm Aija and I roleplay as Shouichi here.

I have roleplayed for a few years and I roleplayed over a year or so on plurk as well, though for a different fandom, so this feels like coming back home since I started roleplaying there.

My birthday's on October 19th, and I'm 19.

My timezone's GMT+2, so it's probably a little different from yours.

Uh, I also write a lot even outside roleplaying.

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