Mun's Headcannons or Non- cannon things
2020-12-08 Tue 04:00
As the current characters are always updating themselves with situations that aren't canon, please take a look at the list below if you have been on hiatus for some time or are new to our roleplay. This way, you don't have to worry about being confused at how they got what they have now.

  • Hibari has acquired a female bunny named Hibunny.
  • Byakuran has opened a candy/bakery shop.
  • Basil has acquired two homeless kittens named Vanella and Katness.
  • Verde has acquired a pet honey badger named Hannibal.
  • Byakuran and Shouichi Irie are dating.

    Should there be any other update missing from the list, please comment to this post.
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