2021-01-01 Fri 06:23
Being a mafioso isn't just about making money and gaining power...
It's about surviving till the end.
Because we can't guarantee that it will keep you out of the mental hospital.

Welcome to REBORN! Plurk Roleplay

This is a roleplay group based on the manga/anime series Katekyo Hitman Reborn! played on the Plurk social networking platform.

It is the present times in Namimori, where peace is the last thing that exists; the Arcobaleno curse is unsolved, people from various timelines including the First Generation are in the same era...and Sawada Tsunayoshi's grades are still as bad as ever.

There is no specific plot to follow. Anything goes, from genderbending to traveling the world on a Gokuderarocket! Make the impossible possible!

Plurk? Rules? Go here to find out what Plurk is and what the rules are.

Count me in! Please head to the sign up post here.

Is that all? Nope, we will have events now and then, just check them out here.

I'm just a fan! If you're not joining us as a character, know that you can interact with the characters anyway, just take a look at the rules here.

Did I miss something? You can check out what we've been doing in the past through out log book.

More questions? Check the FAQ, or if you don't see what you need, feel free to comment your question to the post.
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2020-12-31 Thu 16:31
Rules and Regulation

Aside from the regular roleplay rules (no godmoding, no killing off characters...), we believe in a happy community, so please do get along with each other. The Vendice will be watching you.

Your account must be in English, else it would change your qualifiers (see below for explanation) into another language which not everyone may understand. Qualifiers are important to us for proper Plurk RP.

Please also make sure that you have all other characters within the roleplay added as Friends. While you may wish to make your account private, all posts should be public to all characters with a rating limit of PG-13. Adult materials should be locked within private plurk to designated character(s) only.

And oh, you might want to update at least once a day to avoid karma drop -- unless you don't quite care about it.

What is Plurk?

Plurk is a free social networking and micro-blogging service that allows users to send updates (otherwise known as "plurks") through short messages or links, which can be up to 140 text characters in length. Users can post new messages with optional 'qualifiers', which are one-word verbs used to represent a thought (e.g. "feels", "thinks", "loves", etc.). There are also advanced features such as sending updates only to a subset of your friends, and sharing images, videos, and other media. Plurks can also be "liked", as in other social sites. Plurk also supports group conversations between friends and allows usage of emoticons together with the usual text micro-blogging. - Wikipedia

So...Why Plurk?

Plurk is best at its features for community-building, whereas Twitter succeeds more with its interface that bolsters information-sharing. Plurk is a good site for nonsensical ramblings primarily because it's harder to keep tabs on people, and users admittedly flock to Plurk because there’s "less thinking" involved. - Tamar Weinberg

In short, its unique function for conversations between friends is considered to be appropriate for roleplaying, rather than getting lost in the timeline looking for the reply you missed. Here, you make a story with a big number of people, and remember it for life.

I've Never Used Plurk!

Don't worry, a good 99% of you probably don't know how to use it, but trust Bermuda. Just do some exploring and you will get it, otherwise, you may ask him for help. He won't bite as long as you ask nicely!

Or, you can take a look at this example.
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Character Sign Up
2020-12-31 Thu 15:10

Please note that each person is only allowed one character at the moment. More may be added in the future if the demand is high. Only canon characters with known names are allowed.

Animal characters are now available and may be taken as a second character, but you are not allowed to choose your own character's familiar.

This is on a first-come-first-serve basis.

Taken in alphabetical order by first name, pay no attention to the comment the taken list is updated the second a person joins or drops. SO THE CURRENT LIST IS UP TO DATE!

Bermuda von Vichtenstein (ADMIN)


Mukuro Rokudo

Irie Shouichi

Ugetsu Asari

Superbi Squalo

Kyouya Hibari


How to Sign Up

Comment to this post with the following information and please fill out everything provided. Check email in less that 24 hours and you will receive a reply saying you are accepted.
Plurk Account for your character:
Your character wakes up on a boat in the middle of an ocean without knowing how they got there, their first reaction: (in first person roleplaying, use /slashes/ for actions)

You are not required to make the account first. (But if you wish to be part of the roleplay faster you should have one available during the sign up)

You are welcome to click their profile. If they have not updated in a long time feel free to apply for the character, but wait for an email saying if you got it or not. You are not guaranteed the character remember that.

To find out if you have been accepted, see if your character appears under Taken. It will be updated within 24 hours upon approval, or sometimes immediately, if you are lucky. You may also check Bermuda's Plurk for such updates.

In cases where more than one application is submitted before the admin is able to approve, the best will be chosen and the list will be updated with a &[PlayerName] at the end and left as it is for a few days. Bermuda will also specifically mention this.

Upon approval, please create your account (if you haven't already) within 3 days unless you specify otherwise. After that, feel free to add all other characters as Friends and begin cracking.

Please don't forget to add our URL to your description (which should show up a few days after you join) so that others can find us!
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Fan Interaction
2020-12-12 Sat 23:45

Talk with the Characters!

To all curious non-players who add us as fans, you are now allowed to ask our characters questions!

All you have to do is put an "@character" in your plurk and ask your question. Please do not reply to the characters' plurks as they are strictly in-game only. Please use only English as we are an English group. Do not private plurk. Also, do not bash or fight with the characters; if there is any trace of bad attitude, the Vendice may be alerted and he will order you to be blocked forever.

There may be pairings involved in the game, which are according to the roleplayers' own right to choose who they want to be paired with, so please respect them and not talk about other pairings. (e.g. Asking Mukuro about 1869 situation when he is currently in 10069 condition. You may ask their love-related situation just to make sure though.)

Please also note that if the roleplayer is uncomfortable with answering you, they may choose not to reply, and for this we apologize for the inconvenience. We are working very hard for you, so we only hope that everyone will be happy with us.

内含中文說明 V
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Mun's Headcannons or Non- cannon things
2020-12-08 Tue 04:00
As the current characters are always updating themselves with situations that aren't canon, please take a look at the list below if you have been on hiatus for some time or are new to our roleplay. This way, you don't have to worry about being confused at how they got what they have now.

  • Hibari has acquired a female bunny named Hibunny.
  • Byakuran has opened a candy/bakery shop.
  • Basil has acquired two homeless kittens named Vanella and Katness.
  • Verde has acquired a pet honey badger named Hannibal.
  • Byakuran and Shouichi Irie are dating.

    Should there be any other update missing from the list, please comment to this post.
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    Frequently Asked Questions
    2020-11-30 Mon 09:09
    What do I do if I want to interact with other muns OOC?
    You can private plurk if it's just to specific muns. If it's within a roleplay or for general interaction, you may use such brackets [OOC] so the others will know, or otherwise, your choice as long as it's obvious enough.

    I need to go on a hiatus, what do I do?
    To avoid Bermuda's wrath for disappearing suddenly, just make an OOC plurk and he will pick it up.

    Karma drops fast if you don't plurk at least once a day, so if you're going to be away for more than 3 days, you are recommended to use the Vacation Mode function under My Account.

    Is Karma really important?
    It is if you are competitive, otherwise a karma of over 20.00 is sufficient. If you are not interested in it, you can freeze it after 20.00 or more by using the Vacation Mode so that it won't go down again. You can still plurk while in Vacation Mode, but your karma will be frozen, that's all.

    I want to drop my character due to [insert reason here].
    You may private plurk Bermuda regarding this. Please note that once he is informed, character deletion will take immediate effect, and in order to return, you must re-apply for the character as long as it is still available. Of course, you may reuse your account again if so happens.

    When a character is dropped, Bermuda will remove you as a friend so that he has the most updated list for cases where the list we have here cannot be updated yet. The character application will also be removed.

    Can I switch characters?
    Yes, just plurk that you like to switch characters and apply for the new character while you are at it.

    What about swearing?
    Swearing or use of vulgar terms is only allowed within Plurk responses and must not be used excessively i.e. you should not say f**k in every response you make, but only at the right moments. We have kids here. Characters are allowed to smack you IC though.

    How do I know if I'm in trouble?
    While we have some characters acting as Mods OOC, they should inform the Vindice about it. The moment Bermuda steps in and tells you off, that is when you are in trouble. He does not play jokes, just so you know.

    Other Plurk-related Links
    How to format text in Plurk
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    2020-10-31 Sat 03:42
    Current Event
    Fairy Tale AU! 25/06/2013 (00:00 GMT) - 01/07/2013 (11:00)GMT

    Past Events?

    - 13/03/2012 00:00 - 19/03/2012 23:59 (GMT): Camping Trip at Aokigahara, Mount Fuji

    -30/5/2012 3:55 (GMT) - 7/6/2012 00:00 (GMT) : Body swapping

    -13/6/2012 10:00 (GMT) - 21/6/2012 00:00 (GMT) :Alice in Wonderland Theme

    -KHR Host Club 12/01/2012 10:00 (GMT) - 19/08/2012 00:00 (GMT)

    -Medieval AU! 02/09/2012 11:00 (GMT) - 08/09/2012 00:00 (GMT)

    -Monster Mash 13/10/2012 (10:20 GMT) -22/10/2012 (00:00 GMT)

    -Harry Potter AU 26/11/2012 (5:35 GMT) - 2/12/2012 (12:26 GMT)

    -Christmas AU! 09/12/2012 (9:30 GMT) - 19/12/2012 (10:06 GMT)

    -Opposite day! 09/1/2013 00:00 (GMT) - 13/1/2013 00:00 (GMT)

    -Honeymoon Island 07/02/2013 00:00 (GMT) - 10/02/2013 8:37 (GMT)

    -Baby Shower 14/03/2013 00:00 (GMT) - 21/03/2013 6:34 (GMT)

    -Greek God AU 22/04/2013 (00:00 GMT) to 30/01/2013 (00:00GMT)

    -Pokemon AU! 23/05/2013 (00:00 GMT) - 02/06/2013 (12:00)GMT

    What sort of events are we expecting?

    All plurks made within this period of time should be related to the event.
    You are allowed to continue past plurks, only new plurks are of the event.
    After the event has ended, you may continue plurks but new plurks are as usual.
    What sort of events are we expecting?

    We want to be loyal to the series, rather than making crossovers that makes the characters fall apart on their own, so our events will basically be a plot, or an AU situation, or a Reborn Game. They do not have to be serious.

    Plots will have all roleplays revolve around this story. It may star certain characters (under their approval) or otherwise.
    Alternate Universe (AU) involve minor changes to the characters, e.g. making all into furries. Altering personalities is strictly not allowed for the sake of staying true to the original work.
    Reborn Games involve competitions much like those in the manga, where the Arcobaleno of the Yellow Pacifier had a habit of making simple games into competitions that involve prizes at the end (and yes, you will get prizes too...).

    Only Reborn Games can happen spontaneously on the timeline. Just watch for Bermuda's announcement.

    Can regular players make event suggestions?

    Of course, just private plurk Bermuda and he will discuss with his people. We don't mind if it's a plot starring yourself either, but do keep in mind on who we have available at the time -- we want to be able to fit everyone into the game.

    Possible Future Events?

    - Serious Mafia (AU/Plot?): Think Goodfellas (1990). Everyone is used to the cracks of everyday life, but what happens if the mafia is actually serious for once? Shall be TYL to make it more realistic.
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    Log Book
    2020-02-03 Mon 07:07
    Roleplay Log

    Not all logs are displayed here. To add plurks that you like to be remembered, please comment with a link to it along with the date of the plurk. It does not have to be a plurk started by yourself, but it must be publicly available. Only private logs require the permission of all roleplayers.

    Sorted by date. Click on the link to read the log.
    Click here for private log. (18+)

    Master List

    1. 2011/12/10: Mukuro♋ is stretched out in the snow (dressed warmly), admiring the snowfall.
    2. 2011/12/10: Vindice is standing guard.
    3. 2011/12/31: Vindice has more guards around Vendicare for New Year's Eve.
    4. 2012/01/05: Vindice is recruiting new guards.
    5. 2012/01/07: Vindice is waiting for Geraldi. (follow-up Vindice of 2011/01/05)
    6. 2012/01/31: Vindice feels lazy.
    7. 2012/02/12: Hibari hates Valentine's day. Too many couples crowding around...
    8. 2012/02/16: Hibari can't find Kusakabe...he growls and walks around.
    9. 2012/02/29: Squalo hates it when people leave trash in the hall.
    10. 2012/03/04: Hibari is feeding Hibunny lettuce.
    11. 2012/03/09: Squalo feels better after eating those cough drops.
    12. 2012/03/09: Hibari was busy biting people to death.
    13. 2012/03/14: Byakuran is making a fire. He has some scary stories to tell.
    14. 2012/03/22: Byakuran wonders if he should test these marshmallows Viper gave him...but who should he try it on?
    15. 2012/03/22: Vindice is frolicking in a field of flowers.
    16. 2012/03/24: Squalo has a headache...
    17. 2012/03/28: Squalo is not shedding.
    18. 2012/03/30: Daemon is about to kill incompetent engineers.
    19. 2012/04/06: Squalo wants a pool in the backyard.
    20. 2012/04/08: Hibari puts Hibunny and Hibird next to colorful eggs. Happy Easter....
    21. 2012/04/19: Byakuran is picking flowers again.
    22. 2012/04/26: Byakuran is playing with a claw machine.
    23. 2012/04/26: Hibari wonders why his hair is so messy these days.
    24. 2012/06/20: Kikyo is tuning his violin.
    25. 2012/07/30: Byakuran stumbles around the park. This is really not his day.
    26. 2012/08/23: Mukuro managed to sleep peacefully last night. He wakes up not knowing where he is.
    27. 2012/10/09: Irie lost his glasses.
    28. 2012/10/12: Irie is reading Hamlet.
    29. 2012/10/31: Mukuro is going out trick-or-treatin'. o3o
    30. 2012/12/06: Mukuro tries not to think about the absence of his friends. They were bound to show up when he least expects it, disturbing the quiet that he'd grown so fond of.
    31. 2012/12/20: Asari stares intently at the strange device in his hand.
    32. 2012/12/20: Basil isn't feeling very well. Those end of the world couldn't be true though, could they?
    33. 2012/12/22: Byakuran holds a present behind his back as he looks for Irie ~
    34. 2012/12/22: Byakuran sneaks around, looking for Mukuro . He has a special present for him ^^
    35. 2012/12/25: Irie walks into Byakuran's office and places a small neatly wrapped box on the desk.
    36. 2013/01/03: Asari draws on Dino's face with permanent marker in his sleep.
    37. 2013/01/13: Basil is lying on a grassy field, feeling very lazy today. Then again, he usually is...
    38. 2013/01/25: Daemon thinks it's been too long, Byakuran. Let's get drinks and catch up?
    39. 2013/01/25: Chikusa meanders around aimlessly.
    40. 2013/01/28: Giotto found cake thinking whether he should eat it or not. Since it was just sitting there.
    41. 2013/01/29: Basil slips on some ice, spraining his ankle.
    42. 2013/01/29: Chikusa is stuck in the rain without an umbrella.
    43. 2013/01/29: Spanner is shipping a candy making robot to Byakuran
    44. 2013/01/27: Spanner wonders if he should build something new...
    45. 2013/02/14: Mukuro apparently has four secret admirers.
    46. 2013/02/24: Byakuran stops by a flower shop. How lovely.... He must buy them. All.
    47. 2013/02/24: Byakuran will elope with his illusionist and take him away~
    48. 2013/02/26: Belphegor killed a disgusting stalker. That's what they get for following the prince around like peasants.ugh.
    49. 2013/03/06: Dino takes a stroll down some shops.
    50. 2013/03/06: Squalo sneezes. Fuck allergies.
    51. 2013/03/06: Belphegor likes stuff.
    52. 2013/03/10: Mukuro prowls around Namimori High.
    53. 2013/03/10: Dino feels great after that wonderful dream he had.
    54. 2013/03/12: Squalo is pleased with the giant fish he caught! This will make a good dinner.
    55. 2013/03/14: Dino sits under the shade. Wow it's hot today.
    56. 2013/03/28: Dino didn't trip down the stairs today!
    57. 2013/03/30: Byakuran hides Easter eggs around the park. There's chocolate bunnies in there!
    58. 2013/03/30: Asari Walks downtown with Skull wearing his cowboy outfit
    59. 2013/04/01: Basil is glad he is far away from Master today so he won't get pranked by him again. ^_^
    60. 2013/04/05: Byakuran loves spring and the lovely flowers that bloom around this season!

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    Introducing me!
    2012-05-31 Thu 03:51

    This page is for members who have been accepted in the roleplay. Feel free to comment on this page to introduce yourself!

    Make sure you add who you roleplay in this group! If you want, add your birthday...people might make you something if they remember or have time ;D

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    | KHR Plurk Roleplay ♞ |